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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Why You Just Paid More

Carol Marin writes a fantastic column in today's Sun-Times about where we can place the blame for the higher expenses we Cook County residents bore witness to yesterday.

Then again, what we don't need is what Stroger has offered in terms of
leadership. He runs a government that spits in the eye of the taxpayers who
support it. It is an 8th Ward fiefdom in which friends, relatives and precinct
workers get high-paying, often six-figure jobs whether they have credentials to
do the work or not.

Reform efforts are more often than not thwarted by Stroger allies who like
things just the way they are.

The only way to solve the Todd fiasco is to get him out of office. Cook County is the most inefficient and corrupt government this side of Panama. Educate yourself! The County takes more out of our pockets than the feds, state, or city.

Make Todd history in '10!

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