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Thursday, July 10, 2008

God and Gas

I was much more comfortable when the crazy religious people in this country were white. White people crazy about God are oddly comforting. But this year, thanks to Rev. Wright, is the year of the Crazy Black Preacher. Along these lines, The Washington Post writes about one Rocky Twymann. Rocky is making high gas prices a civil rights issue, and in so doing, bringing God with him.

Rocky, God won't bring gas prices down. But you can. By doing one thing.


I have had it up to here with the non-stop gasoline price story. I wish the MSM would focus on real economic issues, like the low credit rating Freddie Mae received this week. But no, instead we get dumbed down, knee-jerk pieces on how gas is spiraling out of control.

Yes, gas is expensive. When a product is too expensive, you adapt your lifestyle to deal with the raised price. Shambollocks' Editorial Board advice? Use less of it. Gas is not coming back down. Ever.

Let God get back to his important work of having his emissaries appear on plantain leaves in Latin America.

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