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Monday, July 21, 2008

Who Made Steve Guttenberg A Star?

Not had a good laugh yet today? Steve Guttenberg crawls out of the hole he has been in to grant an interview with The New York Observer and make a complete ass out of himself. He goes third-person, nickname-style. And shares this personal insight:
After his morning jog, he hits the gym in his building; he lives in the
Reebok Condo on Columbus Avenue and 67th Street. “I’ve tried to stay fit, you
know, because it’s my instrument, this is my violin,” he said, gesturing over
his body. “I play the violin. So I want to keep it tuned up …. So I work out
there during the day, and then I write.”
What a pompous ass! Dude, your violin is supporting Jessica Simpson in her next movie.

I also needed to justify posting that great picture.

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