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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

MSM to McCain: No Chance, Buddy

The Mainstream Media (MSM here in the blogosphere) has not yet canceled their Barack Obama Victory Tour. You can't get more MSM than Time, where Michael Grunwald writes that McCain doesn't stand a chance.
Last week, the McCain campaign's case against Barack Obama went something
like this: He's irresponsible when it comes to Iraq, naive when it comes to
Iran, and a big-government liberal when it comes to the economy. But now Iraqi
Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki has more or less endorsed Obama's plan to
withdraw from Iraq, forcing McCain to argue that Maliki didn't really mean it,
and even the Bush administration has accepted a "time horizon" for withdrawal,
if not a precise "timetable." The Bush administration has also engaged in some
diplomatic outreach with Iran, just as Obama has recommended, a severe blow to
McCain's efforts to portray Obama's willingness to talk as appeasement. And on
the economy, a TIME/Rockefeller Foundation poll found that 82% of the country
supports more federal infrastructure spending designed to create jobs. When
big-government liberalism is all the rage, McCain's courage in opposing water
projects or the farm bill becomes less of a selling point.
Wow. Part of me is still incredulous as to the glowing press Obama has received. Where was this press for Kerry or Gore? Nowhere to be found, I guess. Mostly because Kerry and Gore could wave eight balls around and get ignored by a junkie. Obama has fully recovered from his ghastly FISA vote. The New Yorker imbroglio makes him look sympathetic, and this week's world tour makes him look like the Anti-Bush.

Two things to be pleased about: One, the Rove Machine has not found a way to confound the media into spouting the Republican message. The story remains the crowds and money Barack attracts. Two, (and miraculously for Barack (the man most have a horseshoe jammed up somewhere)) the spineless Iraqi government has grown a pair over the last month and completely changed the context of the Iraq issue into one of national sovereignty. They don't want us there, and they're (finally!) ready to face the consequences. I've never said this, but-kudos to you, Maliki.

I am not optimistic that this will remain true, however. We have less than four months left, and the networks will be under great pressure to make this election as close as possible. Expect more positive McCain coverage in the next few months, as the MSM makes a mad attempt to make their made-for-TV spectacle as close as possible.

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