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Friday, July 25, 2008

Darth Novak Cited for Hitting Pedestrian

Robert Novak, perennial runner-up to Dick Cheney in the America's Most Evil Man contest, clipped a pedestrian on his way to work yesterday in his black Corvette according to Politico. Novak told the assembled press that he did not see the 66-year old pedestrian (I know, this story is great!), but was glad 'he's not dead'. A bicyclist spotted the incident and chased Novak and his end-life crisis mobile down K Street. He parked his bike in front of Novak and made a citizen's arrest, waiting for the police to arrive.

Oh, and it gets better. It turns the guy he hit was 86 and homeless. Priceless! Can you get a better example of Novak's contempt for America than this?

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