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Monday, June 16, 2008

Skype Love

Kara and I met online, and for the longest time this made me feel horribly self-conscious. I'm not anymore, as online dating has reached the mainstream and now I feel like our meeting was like seeing the Talking Heads in 1976. Yes, everything goes back to music for me.

Well, the new frontier in computer love is Skype Love. The Walrus has an article about what it feels like to be in love with someone through a computer.

But accelerated love still presents a problem: as the mind races forward to
embrace a lover, the body is left behind. The closer you get on Skype, the more
you miss the feel of someone’s skin, their weight beside you in bed. So near, so
in your ear, yet so far away. It can be incredibly frustrating. Several months
into our physical separation, my girlfriend and I found ourselves joking that we
were not having a relationship with each other but with our computers (sometimes
I actually kissed my screen and hugged my keyboard).

The article proves that romance, in whatever context you get it, is always sweet, always awkward.

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