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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Great Art Deco Movie Poster

K and I decided on an art deco theme for our wedding this October, so I've given myself over to an education on this design movement. I feel like I've seen a good share of what is represented as the standards of art deco online. I stumbled on this stunningly beautiful poster for Chaplin's City Lights from the blog Stale Popcorn, where they are listing the 100 best movie posters of all time. Movie posters are one of my favorite advertising vehicles. If you dig them, too, you should really check out the list which has a bunch more of my favorites.

What a poster! You get the Tramp in the foreground, the dominant film character of the silent era. In front of him is a stylised modernist cityscape that could have been borrowed from one of the ubiquitous 1930s World's Fair posters. And to top it off, what shines down on the lonely tramp but the apple of his eye- the blind girl he courts in the film.

In this case the poster is every bit as good as the movie, which is a classic.

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