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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father-Daughter Debate Sexism and the Hill Campaign

Slate published an email exchange between Casey Greenfield and her father, Jeff, one of my favorite journalists. Jeff did fine work for years as a Nightline correspondent. He now is a contributor to CBS Sunday Morning. Casey is a Hill supporter who wants the media's sexist treatment of her candidate put on trial. Jeff believes her daughter doth protest too much.

I agree with everything Jeff writes in his emails (where did they sell those nutcrackers, anyway?). Politics has very little to do with marginal social issues (racism, sexism, whitism). Politics is about getting out the vote, and picking up the garbage (thanks, Richard J!). Hillary did not run a campaign, but a coronation. Barack won not because he is black, or a man, but because he did a better job.

Sometimes I feel like I've woke up in Election, and the Tracy Flick supporters won't shut up. You ran for an office, and you lost. It happens. Even to ambitious, capable women.

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