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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

R.I.P. Bernie Mac

One of the best things about spending so much of my adolescence hauling body shop supplies around the South Side was the hilarious stories I heard from the black body shops. These guys could tell stories. They took care not to leave out any detail, and once you were there for the beginning you had to stick around for the end-no matter if you were in the worst part of the ghetto or not. Those guys could shoot the bull like nobody I've known since. And they could swear. They truly wove tapestries of profanity so wondrous they left me speechless.

Bernie Mac was one of those guys who hit the big time. I loved him because the rhythm of his speech was home to me. Bernie was a lyrical comedian. It wasn't the content (hell, most of it was shtick even whites have heard done ad nausea), it was how he said it. The man could rap. Here's a great clip from his career-making performance in the Kings of Comedy film. NOT OKAY FOR WORK.

Bernie, you were one hard-core, funny motherfucker.

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