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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

David Byrne's Bike Racks

I grew up in love with David Byrne. Not only did he share my mother's maiden name, but, along with colleagues like Joey Ramone and Elvis Costello, he made pop music an arena for nerds. Sure, we still got beat up and picked on, but all we had to do was listen to Fear of Music and we knew that someday our ship would arrive. Although the Talking Heads remain a legendary act, I've found the opinions on Byrne himself somewhat split. Some blame him for the break-up of his band (true enough), some find his other art projects since self-aggrandizing noodling (maybe valid).

Me, I still dig David. The man loves culture, high and low, and is an ardent champion of enlightened art in the public square. New York City's Department of Transportation installed the above Byrne-designed bike racks to bring attention to and promote biking in the city. The New York Times has a post about the installation here.

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