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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aye Yi Yi!

Barack Obama has reversed his energy policy, and now wants to open up the strategic oil reserves according to the Washington Post. At this very moment, House Republicans are trying to pass legislation that will expand Arctic drilling. Yes, Virginia, this really is an election year.

The politicians have heard it loud and clear-Americans are sick of high gas prices. Guess what, America? THEY'RE NOT GOING DOWN!

Not in the short-term. Not in the long-term. The days of the under $4.00 gallon of gas are over. No matter how much we attempt to increase our own domestic production, the people of China and India will still control the market through their vast energy needs. This is Global Economics 101.

This is not the '70s. We are not the largest consumer of oil anymore. China is.

Why can't we have leaders who talk to America straight and let them know the truth? Barack, my principled friend, I'm looking in your direction. We need to ween people off oil.

Related: The New York Times reports on how the high price of oil is affecting the global economy. Good news for Mexico. Bad news for China.

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