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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Living in sin

Kara and I are finally officially under one roof together. Yesterday I gathered the rest of my stuff from Dan's crazy house. I'm pretty damn excited. There are very few moments where you knowingly step into the future. No longer will I have to battle another human who I don't have any feelings for in my living space. And it's bigger than that. The retreat Kara and I went on last weekend made it pretty clear to me that I'm making the right call with all this.

I dropped off my application for grad school at DePaul yesterday. Who knows what will happen. I know I will get in, but it really all comes down to what kind of financial aid I can get. I won't be horribly disappointed if it doesn't work out.

Today is like the fifth Super Tuesday. It doesn't look like the results will change much-unless Obama wins both states. It could happen. I wonder what Hill will do after all this. Will she be content to live out the rest of her days as the junior senator from NY?

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