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Thursday, July 19, 2007

'Ghostbusters' hit Manhattan. For real this time.

Wow! I don't know if you saw this today, but all I needed was Slimer or Ernie Johnson to make me think that Ghostbusters 3 was being shot. NYC really does have it all-arts, business, and the opportunity to have a mixture of water, steam, and debris rain down on your way to the subway.

YouTube and CNN announced they will combine to hold presidential debates. YouTubers are already posting their questions, which will not be selected by acclamation but by CNN's Washington bureau chief and Anderson Cooper. Yes, THE Anderson Cooper (please always remember this sap is Gloria Vanderbilt's son (yes, those jeans)). I'm going to go out on a limb on this one and say that those questions will be the most melodramatic and politically obsequious that Mr. Cooper can find. What I would really love is to have a crying cancer patient tearfully ask her question, camera pan to a sniveling Anderson Cooper, and then to the candidates all tearing up themselves. I'm all for creative remedies for what ails our political systems, but do we really think YouTubers will provide the most revealing questions? As of right now, the highest rated question on YouTube asks the candidates if Arnold Schwarzenegger is really a cyborg. The prosecution rests.

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