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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Democrats 'hit the cots.' Not really.

The Senate Democrats pulled out all the stops for their 'Mr. Smith...' inspired all-night legislative marathon, which resulted in a Republican filibuster and no action on Iraq. As an indication of their commitment (?), the Democrats' put out cots in their deliberating chamber. Who knows if they were trying to sympathize with the troops or simply steal a page from 'The Godfather'. If it was a sign of their tenacity, that picture on the front page of the Times of all places is not doing them any favors.

So all speed ahead to 'Status Quo Land'! God, I loathe politicians. But I would have hi-fived myself if both Trent Lott and Barack Obama were arrested.

What will happen next? My guess is this bickering in the Senate will continue ad naseum until September, when the sacrificial lambs (Petraeus and Crocker) will show up on the Hill right in time for a Metro bus to crush them. The Democrats will blame the Republicans for stalling, the Republicans will label both chambers a do-nothing Congress. And, for the first time in a looooooong time, they'll both be right.

Michael Vick has been indicted for raising killer pooches. When I grew up, I wanted to be a great baseball player so bad it hurt. Real pain, real tears. But pretty much everything in the sports world today bums me out. Sure, everybody was exposed to the breaks Joe Jock earned as he progressed through our high school, and I'm not even against that. Athletes have a God-given talent, and like most talented people should earn a few comps from the public at large. But killing dogs? I'm not even an animal person and that raises the hairs on my neck. I wonder what it will take for corporate America to stop buying up the luxury boxes. A star to kill someone? Professional sports skates further and further out on that thin ice every day, and I stand on the bank, jealous and wanting that ice to break.

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