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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fraud email of the day

I received this email today after applying for a part-time job I found on

Dear Candidate, We got your resume and your application for the job on Craigslist. Our Managers have gone through your resume and due to some certain factors you have been picked as one of our possible candidate to be our Account Receivable Manager. The post has been filled, what we need now is a representative and payment process manager for the company on financial issues.So we re sorry for the inconvinency:(MEGAINC) is a well established, leaders in innovative Art Works Technology, providing art materials worldwide. We serve the entire United States and a growing export market. Your primary task for now, as a representative of the company is to coordinate payments from customers and help us with the payment process. You are not involved in any sales. Once orders are received and sorted we deliver the product to a customer. After this has been done the customer has to pay for the products but in most cases we make our clients prepay for orders or items they order for. About 90 percent of our customers prefer to pay through Certified Checks or Money Orders drawn from the United State based on the amount involved. We have decided to open this new contract to hire job position for solving this problem. Your First Primary task (Collection of Payments):1. Receive payment from our Customers or Clients. 2. Cash Payment at your Bank or Deposit payment and let us know how long its going to clear the Bank3. Deduct 10 % which will be your percentage/pay on Payment processed 4. Forward balance after deduction of percentage/pay to any of the offices you will be contacted to send payment to, You'll have a lot of free time doing another job, because this job is part time, you'll get good income. But this job is very challenging and you should understand it. We are considering your application because you satisfy our requirements and we are sure you will be an earnest assistant till we start running our branch office in your state.For example if you recieve 4000.00 USD and your 10% should be 400.00 USD Plus your basis monthly salary is 1000.00 USD here are the information you are to provide then we will get back to you after we must have gone through it all. Get back to us with information below information, so that we can add your mailing address to our Regional database and forward it to our customers for them to send payments. Requirement:
First and Last name..........Address Not P.O Box..........City.........................State........................Zip/Postal code..............Age..........................Home phone...................Cell phone...................Bank Name.................... Your response to this email is needed, so that we can reconfirm your mailing address details we have in our database.We will be updating you as soon as the payment is being sent to you and you will be directed as to where to have the remaining 90% of the money sent to, after the deduction of your 10% pay on any payments received and processed by you. A swift acknowledgement of the receipt of this email will be appreciated. Thanks For Your Total Understanding(Megainc) Manager Best RegardsR.

I just can't get myself to do money laundering on a Sunday.

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