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Friday, October 3, 2008

Robber Posts On Craigslist, Takes Off On Inner Tube

In Monroe, Washington, Wednesday, a robber utilized a Craigslist ad to recruit accomplices, robbed an armed guard with pepper spray, and got away on an inner tube according to the Seattle Times. Fantastic!

Mike, who wanted to be identified only by his first name, told KING-5 that he saw a Craigslist ad last week seeking workers for a road-maintenance project. He inquired and was e-mailed instructions to meet near the bank at 11 a.m. Tuesday and to wear specific clothing.

"Yellow vest, safety goggles, a respirator mask ... and, if possible, a blue shirt," Mike told KING-5.

No contractor met Mike and about a dozen other similarly dressed men who showed up at the bank, and they thought they had been stood up. Then, KING-5 reported, a man told them about the bank robbery.

" 'Yeah, guys, we just got scammed,' " Mike said the man told him. "Bank robbery just happened to be right across the street, in the same attire in all the e-mails that everyone got."

Awesome! I hope the dude gets away it. Sure, banks don't need anymore bad news this week, but what a plan! Kudos, dude in dust mask. Kudos.

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